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kisses like soft petals
and eyes filled with love
i miss rolling over
looking into those eyes
and tasting that kiss.

a jar once filled
with faded currency
emptied by the greed
of our first meeting
now just a clear glass
which once held our dreams
and before held only
slightly poisonous mushrooms.

it seems bittersweet
to listen to the voice
i once cherished
over the phone lines
which i also once cherished
but now make everything seem
so far away.

for ten sweet days
you were no longer
a disembodied voice
but a voice and a face and a body
so warm and tender
taking my breath away
with a single glance.

my bed was once warm
but now it seems cold
without you beside me
the world is an icicle
and i only have your sweaters
to keep me from freezing.

november awaits.

[Author's note: This poem is tied with To The Pessimists as my favorite thing I've ever written.]

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