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Cookies & Milk

My head is spinning but I'm standing still
Lack of equilibrium
Facts about Caesars and parabolic equations
Swim like baracuda in my mind.

I miss the days of recess and playing house
Fighting with 25 children for 3 rusty tricycles
Throwing sand in the air and pretending it's snow
Pushing each other on the swings
When cookies and milk were the best thing
And naptime was just around the corner
Perhaps high school would be better
With naptime and swings
Rust-covered tricycles everyone must share
And cookies and milk.

Because let's face it:
It's a lot easier to remember things
When they're pinned to your shirt.

[Author's note: This poem was written as a class assignment in the later half of my junior year of high school, was submitted to a poetry contest, and was published in a Southern California youth poetry anthology. Not bad for last-minute work.]

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